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Review published on: September 3 2017 – Last update: September 3 2017

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Hardcore’s great. Glamcore’s even better. At least, that’s my opinion on the matter. It seems, however, that I’m not alone in holding that opinion, because I keep finding more and more glamcore porn sites to review for your benefit, my wonderful readers. X Art is one such site. They used to focus only on photos, but now there’s proper video porn as well. Let’s dive in deep and see what they’ve brought to the table.

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Content Exclusivity


# of Videos


Video Resolution

4K 2160p

Average length

12 min

Photo Resolution


Pics per Set

Avg. 45

# of Models


Content Updates

1+ weekly


no limit


Site design

X-Art Review

The style of X-Art

If I had to describe X Art’s style in a single sentence, it would probably be ‘the pursuit of perfection via the lens of glamcore’. It’s a very good thing I don’t have to do that, as probably few of you were both willing and able to cut through the sheer pretension in that sentence, and it’s admittedly thick. So, to put things more functionally, what X Art is trying to do is make the best glamcore that’s available on the internet, with the best models, the best production and technical values, and even more. One thing that shines through for me (and I’ll show you more evidence for this under usability and features) is that X Art is clearly committed to not just making X-Rated Art, but to making that art in such a way that it’s accessible and easily enjoyed, by as many customers as possible. That a steep goal, but these guys have pulled it off with no small amount of style.

Simple video Trailer on X-Art

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Members area screenshots

There are less than a thousand clips on X Art, and they average out to around fifteen minutes long each. But there are nearly twice that number of galleries, and these are astounding: ridiculously high-res, and with thirty photos each. That photo count could be higher, but doesn’t need to be. The newer clips are all available in 4K, with full HD available for older content, and everything here is properly exclusive. Updates are frequent, with several coming in every week. On the other hand, there are no tags, little variety, and no advanced search. The pagination is sufficient right now, but will in some months become annoying, too.

  • HTML5 Browser Playing: 720p – 1080p
  • Multiple bandwidths available.
  • MP4: 4K 2160p – 10000kbps
  • Jpeg: 4000×2667 – >900KB
  • Zip sets: 60MB

Payment Processors

VISA logo
MasterCard logo

There’s 1 pre-checked cross sale


  • Toll-free 24/7
  • Live Chat
  • eMail on site

My opinion

What I like

  • Huge number of galleries, with super high resolutions on each photo, but only thirty photos per.
  • Content here is properly exclusive, plus there are no download limits or issues that we could sniff out.
  • Updates come fast, at several per week, so this library is definitely going to keep growing.
  • Excellent variety of absolutely gorgeous models to compliment the absolute glamcore theme on offer here.
  • Excellent variety of absolutely gorgeous models to compliment the absolute glamcore theme on offer here.

What I dislike

  • Little variety in content, and no content tags.
  • No advanced search engine to be found.
  • Pagination is going to become a problem as the library grows, unless the site is improved.

Final Rating

Single features rating
  • 88%
    Quality = Exclusivity&Direction + Resolution&Photography - 88%
  • 77%
    Quantity = Overall quantity + Updates - 77%
  • 75%
    Content Variety = Number of niches + Bonus sites - 75%
  • 92%
    Usability = Navigation + Streaming&Download - 92%
  • 70%
    Value = Offer VS Price - 70%

Overall rating

Frankly, there's a shocking amount to like at X Art. If you're into glamcore, don't hesitate, but if you're not sure, or don't have an opinion yet, this site will be an excellent, highly enjoyable introduction to the style. They earn and receive my full recommendation, along with a score of 80% – there's really so little to worry about here. Enjoy!

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