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Review published on: September 23 2017 – Last update: September 23 2022

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Jav HD offers Japanese made and Japanese centric porn to the world at large, including us. They’re one of the few Japanese porn companies to provide uncensored porn, too. So stick with me as I lay out all of the details on this massive, focused network, just to make sure that you don’t buy in if it’s not for you after all.

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3 Months:
1 Month
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[Recurs at $39.99/mo.]
3 Days Trial
: $
[Rebills at $49.99]

Content Exclusivity


# of Videos


Video Resolution

HD 1080p

Average length

35 min

Photo Resolution


Pics per Set

Avg. 65

# of Models


Content Updates

1+ daily


no limit


Site Design

Jav HD Review

The style of Jav HD

Jav HD is focused, and very much so, on hardcore content featuring beautiful Japanese women. Within that, each of the network’s site focus on a particular niche: Gang AV, Anal AV, Hey Outdoor, AV Tits, and POV AV, and more. As you can see, they’re all named quite descriptively, so it’ll be easy to find whatever it is you’re looking for, whether that’s anal, or public, or big tits, or MILFs, so long as it’s actually part of the (very large) collection on offer here. Within all that, the production values are all, absolutely up to snuff, and you can even get subtitled versions of the clips, so long as you download. As I mentioned above, the provide uncensored material, which is a major point in their favor, and seemingly a point of pride for them. Japanese content usually has censored genitals, due to some legal quirks in that part of the world.

Top most-rated video on Jav HD last year

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Members area screenshots

Again, I’ll knock out the bad first. Avoid the trial, if you have a deal from us or any of the other review sites, but otherwise it’s just fine. There’s no separate section for galleries – you’ll find that around two thirds of the clips have them. They’re a bit low resolution and low photo count, however. And, lastly for the bad, some of the content here is definitely non-exclusive. On the other hand, though, sorting options are great, there’s no download limit, a surprising amount of the content is in full HD, and there are daily updates across the network.

  • HTML5 Browser Playing: 720p – 1080p
  • Multiple bandwidths are available.
  • MP4: 1080p – 5000kbps
  • Jpeg: 2000×1500 – >350KB
  • Zip sets: 20MB-40MB

Payment Processors

VISA logo
MasterCard logo

There’s 1 pre-checked cross sale


  • / Toll-free 24/7
  • Live Chat

Jav HD Network sites

Jav HD is currently composed by 16 network-sites, each focusing on a specific niche.

My opinion

What I like

  • 5.5 thousand clips and climbing, across the network as a whole.
  • Galleries with about two of every three clips.
  • Significant amounts of the library are in proper, full HD, and the next most common resolution is 720p.
  • Daily updates across the network, so that library count is going to keep going up, and up.
  • No censoring on this Japanese content, a rarity and definitely a major point in favor.
  • Excellent user and navigation tools – could use a few more, but there’s definitely enough here.

What I dislike

  • No advanced search engine to be found anywhere – would be very useful on a library this large.
  • Some content is non-exclusive.
  • No separate section for browsing only the galleries.
  • Galleries are a bit low in both photo count and photo resolution.

Final Rating

Single features rating
  • 95%
    Quality = Exclusivity&Direction + Resolution&Photography - 95%
  • 94%
    Quantity = Overall quantity + Updates - 94%
  • 95%
    Content Variety = Number of niches + Bonus sites - 95%
  • 90%
    Usability = Navigation + Streaming&Download - 90%
  • 75%
    Value = Offer VS Price - 75%

Overall rating

At the end of the day, I'd have to be lying to you not to recommend Jav HD. This network is perfect for anyone who enjoys Japanese babes, and is a great option even if you down have a particular taste for such models. They earn my full recommendation, along with a score of 90%.

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