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Review published on: August 30 2017 – Last update: August 30 2017

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You know what a ‘happy ending’ is, yeah? Well, in case you don’t, it refers to ending a massage with an orgasm. Lot of wordplay jokes to be made there, but more importantly it can make for some really quite enjoyable porn, or reality, but that’s sadly not legal a lot of places. As it turns out, Fantasy Massage provides exactly that: happy endings porn.

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Content Exclusivity


# of Videos


Video Resolution

HD 1080p

Average length

25 min

Photo Resolution


Pics per Set

Avg. 150

# of Models


Content Updates

1+ daily


no limit


Site Design

Fantasy Massage Review

The style of Fantasy Massage

The five different sites on offer at Fantasy Massage are all tied together by an overarching theme, that of the aforementioned happy endings massage, but they each bring something different to the table. Massage Parlor is just dudes getting the full treatment, All Girl Massage is the same for girls. Soapy Massage and Nuru Massage. The first is fairly self-explanatory as being basically a bathing massage, but Nuru refers to a Japanese-origin type of massage with a special, super-slick gel. The fifth is the one I find most interesting, however. This one is named Milking Table, and the girls are dressed up in pretty lingerie, with the guys face-down on a table with a cock hole. The guys are sucks and stroked until they blow their load on the girls, and it (like all of the above!) makes for some really great porn. I also like that they’re trying to offer most of the variations of their theme.

Top most-rated video on Fantasy Massage

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Members area screenshots

The feature set and usability at Fantasy Massage are well above average. The site is well designed, sleek in fact, and dead-simple to get around. As usual, though, both sufficient pagination and advanced search are sadly lacking. Ratings, playlists(!), comments, sorting, and tags, and private notes (referred to here as ‘my markers’) are all on offer, and are a very well-rounded tool set. Updates are also quite common, every three days or better. It averages to a little better than every other day, though. A big chunk of the nearly two thousand clip library is in HD, and there are a large number of excellent galleries to top everything off.

  • HTML5 Browser Playing: 720p – 1080p
  • Multiple bandwidths available.
  • MP4: 1080p – 7000kbps
  • Jpeg: 1920×1280 – >800KB
  • Zip sets: 50MB-300MB

Payment Processors

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There’s 1 pre-checked cross sale


  • Toll-free 24/7
  • Live Chat
  • eMail:

Fantasy Massage Network sites

Fantasy Massage is currently composed by 6 network-sites, each focusing on a specific niche.

My opinion

What I like

  • Library of over 1,700 videos and over 1,800 galleries, spread across 5 theme-linked network sites.
  • Decent variety within the theme, so you’re not limited to a specific idea within the subscription.
  • Excellent site navigation and user features, including private notes, commenting, and playlists.
  • Significant chunk of full HD content, and the gallery photos are at 2240×1680, 150 of them per gallery.
  • Downloading is allowed, and without any limits that we saw any evidence of whatsoever.
  • Trial re-bills at the expected rate, so you can have 2 days to be sure for only an extra dollar.
  • Updates a little more than every other day on average, so you’re always going to get more content over time.

What I dislike

  • No advanced search, insufficient pagination – especially when viewing the whole network’s content, and a pre-checked cross sale combine to provide three expected, and minor, drawbacks.

Final Rating

Single features rating
  • 98%
    Quality = Exclusivity&Direction + Resolution&Photography - 98%
  • 93%
    Quantity = Overall quantity + Updates - 93%
  • 87%
    Content Variety = Number of niches + Bonus sites - 87%
  • 82%
    Usability = Navigation + Streaming&Download - 82%
  • 93%
    Value = Offer VS Price - 93%

Overall rating

Fantasy Massage has shockingly few drawbacks. You might consider the library size one, but you'd have to be splitting hairs, or ignoring the update schedule, in my opinion. Given all that good, Fantasy Massage earns not only my full and complete recommendation, but a score of 91% – one of the best sites that I've looked at yet.

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